We work with a variety of talented entertainers who love making and playing music for a living. With their signature sounds and musical intuitions, all of the acts we partner with are some of the most well-renowned and well-respected performers in the industry. They’re focused, professional, and passionate performers who love to entertain.



Nashville Recording Artist / Fayetteville, GA USA

Nashville's sweetheart turns heads with her voice and keeps their attention with her stage presence, blending elements of blues, jazz, and pop in with her country soul. 


Nashville Recording Artist /  Springfield, GA USA

Seeing a Braxton Calhoun fronted set is like seeing a punk rock show on a farm. This band is recognized, by it's professionalism and passion for giving 110% every time. 


Nashville Recording Artist / Selma, AL USA

After moving to Nashville in 2017, Charlie Argo began making moves immediately. Once, Nashville was introduced to Argo's unique southern soulful sound, it put him on as many downtown stages as possible. With years of experience in the college and wedding scene, this Bama boy will do whatever it takes to keep your body moving.


Nashville Recording Artist / Charleston, SC USA

Over the last decade, she has toured across the South East United States as a member of the bands, Kelly Cheats and The J Edwards Band. Her powerhouse/soulful vocals, whether backing or lead, have given her the ability to stand out the in music city - allowing her to make a name for herself as a local artist. Cricket is an artist that can find her way into all genres of music while staying true to her blues influence. Her onstage performances are electric with pure emotion and good vibes. The singer is currently working on her first solo project in Nashville. In the meantime, she can be seen Live in Nashville's Downtown Honky Tonk's or in various original music venues around Nashville and surrounding areas with her band and in the group Bonnie.


Nashville Recording Artist / Hueytown, AL USA

This Alabama native brings versatility, experience and a unique vocal styling to the stage, while taking you on a trip through the history of music genre's. 


Nashville Recording Artist / Dover, WI USA

Evan Lee is a rock n roller with a country crooner inside, just dying to get out. This band will keep you on your toes with twist and turns leading to laughter and good times. 


Nashville Recording Artist / El Dorado, AR USA

Despite the packed dance floor and the crowd singing along, the founder of 'Nashville Uncovered' will rarely be heard playing cover songs at one of his shows. J Edwards enourmous catalog of original songs and his unmistakable voice helped build a long-term career performing those songs in Music City. The piercing showcase of his tunes and his, wont take no for an answer, attitude billed Edwards as a Nashville music pioneer and a "living legend" in the eyes of many Nashville newcomers.


Nashville Recording Artist / Dover, WI

Rachael Lee will pull you in with the Voodoo.


Nashville Recording Artist / Racine, WI USA

This band blends Zachariah's Irish music roots, with it's southern rock/red dirt sound to keep you both engaged and on the dance floor. 


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